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Chimney Sweep Athens – Chimney Cleaning Athens

If you have a fireplace in your house you might have noticed that, like every other thing, it requires a certain care and attention. A dirty fireplace is likely to have a negative impact on your health and can also cause a fire in your chimney. That’s why you should be concerned in case you notice any unusual behavior while using it.

It only takes a small amount of wood for the soot to start covering the inside of your chimney, posing a threat to you and your house. At this point a chimney sweep is absolutely necessary. It is recommended that you have your chimney inspected and cleaned annually in order to avoid any hazard.

Chimney Sweep Athens – CK Service can help you be safe and sound around your fireplace by sending you their best chimney sweeps to diagnose any damage and clean your chimney and hearth. With responsibility and great emphasis on detail, we will carry out the procedure avoiding the use of chemicals that can harm you and your pets. Our prices start from 25€ only!

Chimney sweep Athens – How is a fireplace cleaned up?

Fireplace and chimney cleaning is a profession that has been around for many years. The chimneys collected a huge amount of soot which was dangerous not only for fires but also for lung diseases.
Older practices and methods mainly involved bushy plants that were tied with ropes and pushed either from top to bottom or from bottom to top if the chimney was too high. Thus, everything inside the chimney fell into the hearth and was collected from the sweep right after.

In addition, in chimneys with a very large passage, the chimney sweep had to go all the way in and scrape the walls until the soot was removed. This method was extremely dangerous not only because one could fall from a great height and be injured, but also because of the risk of lung disease and cancer.

Today, chimney sweeping is a much simpler process with fewer risks and higher success rates if done by the right technician. With special tools selected according to the characteristics of each construction, the chimney sweep cleans the chimney most times using the bottom top method. That is why you need chimney sweep Athens – CK Service to clean your fireplace.

Comparing to the past, it is a much safer practice, which brings better results without the risk of injury to the chimney or the sweep. It aplies, however, basically to straight chimneys where the sticks and brushes do not encounter obstacles such as angles.

Chimney cleaning procedure:

1. We measure the diameter of the chimney to choose the appropriate cleaning brush made of metal or rubber.

2. We check with a lens (high lumens) for any damage or cracks in the chimney.

3. We pass our first brush inside the chimney with a 1 or 2m stick.

4. We cover the hearth using nylon or a leather cloth to avoid dust and small particles spreadimg inside your home.

5. We make a very small hole in the nylon or leather cloth so that the sticks can pass through.

6. We start the cleaning process by passing the brush with a stick in the chimney. With repeated movements we scrape the inside until the brush moves easily through the chimney.

7. We add as many sticks as we need and scrape all the surfaces properly up to the top until we make sure that the chimney is completely cleaned.

8. We make sure that the brush reached the top going to the roof for a check.

9. We remove the sticks one by one but leave 1 or 2 meters in order to clean the hearth cone and behind the tamper.

10. We remove the hearth cover.

11. We broom the hearth and the spot behind the tamper using an ash vacuum cleaner. Caution: the access behind the tamper is tricky and if not cleaned properly, there is high risk of fire.

12. You are free to use your fireplace right after the cleaning prossess, but several hours should have passed from the last use in order for the sweep to safely and properly do their job.


If you are looking for the right technician for fireplace and chimney cleaning at the right price, chimney sweep Athens – CK Service is one way. You can contact us here right away!

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